As Germont in La Traviata:

“Mark Rucker brought inner turmoil to Germont, his singing lyrical and ardent. His precarious dignity lent poignance to the Act II confrontation with Violetta.” - Opera News

“Perhaps the creamiest voice of all was Rucker's thick, deliciously napped and powerful baritone...his 'Di Provenzia il mar' was perhaps the performance's best vocal moment.” - The Hamilton Spectator (Ont)

“Mark Rucker as Germont (had) a splendidly sonorous voice.” - Opera Canada

"Mark Rucker, who gave a commanding performance as Verdi's Macbeth for Opera Carolina in 2004, brings some of the same gravity now to Germont, Alfredo's father. But as Germont pressures Violetta to abandon his son for the sake of his family's honor, Rucker sings with a sonorousness that makes Germont better than a mere villain. Dignity and compassion come through, too." - Charlotte Observer

"Rucker's hefty baritone commands your attention with a gravitas and surprising range that plays within your head, exactly as Verdi wished it, in Act 2 when he convinces Violetta to abandon her pursuit of his son."