As Macbeth:

“Mark Rucker (Macbeth) sang with real feeling for the Verdian legato, phrased most beautifully, and added the 1847 ‘Mal per me’ which he interpreted superbly.” - Opera

“Baritone Mark Rucker seemed inexhaustible as Macbeth. Despite considerable physical action - at the end of the Banquo's ghost scene, he collapsed senseless on the table - his voice was as evenly produced and projected as at the beginning. With subtle inflections or full force, he fully portrayed Macbeth's many facets - his hesitation, his ambition, his rage, and his feelings for his wife. ” - Classical Voice of North Carolina

“As Macbeth, Mark Rucker sang with a clear, solid, plangent tone, well suited to the big Verdi baritone roles, and especially appropriate for this one.” - Opera News

“Unlike the scenery, Rucker was unflappable. His performance remained deft, concentrated and evenly produced. He has a shapely way with song, which stands him in particularly good stead with Verdi. He was emblematic of opening night at its best.”

“Baritone Mark Rucker sang with fine line and generous phrasing in the title role. His is a true Verdi baritone, smooth and well-knit from top to bottom. He acted with skill, making the most of his part in the extended duets with Roark-Strummer in Act I and the apparition scene.” - The Baton Rouge Advocate

“In the title role, Mark Rucker gave a first-rate performance. Rucker displayed a splendid baritone voice - powerful and with an attractive resonance, especially in the upper part of the range. He portrayed Macbeth's torment and decline convincingly, without becoming overwrought.” - The Salt Lake Tribune

“Mark Rucker possess a voluminous baritone. His singing is impressively round-tone and forceful, his ardent vocalism was stirring.” - The Miami Herald

“In the title role, baritone Mark Rucker sang with considerable vigor and a tone that rang out firmly, vibrantly. His acting was astute and dynamic.” - Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

“In the role of Macbeth, Mark Rucker was outstanding, delivering every note with energy and conviction. His entrances consistently ramped up the excitement, and his duets, were marvels of passionate interplay. ” - The Independent