As Enrico Ashton in Lucia di Lammermoor:

“The vocal gems started arriving early, with Mark Rucker's scene-grabbing first appearance as Enrico, the ambitious conniving brother of Lucia. His baritone voice rang with thrilling edge to it. Much later, he rose to the occasion in his confrontation with Edgardo with one compelling high note after another.” - The Portland Oregonian

“Baritone Mark Rucker (Henry Ashton) gave a strong, commanding performance, which included displaying his exciting upper vocal register.” - Opera Canada

“Mark Rucker's Enrico was dramatically and vocally passionate.” - Opera

“Lucia was preyed upon with able malevolence by baritone Mark Rucker. He set up his character well in the opening scene with his venomous aria ‘Cruda, funesta smania.’ Rucker’s sound had a biting malice, and when he opened up on his high notes in the cabaletta he was a formidable vocal presence. He also softened admirably for his duet with Lucia in Act 2.” - The Orange County Register